Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Stolen Ecstasy by Hannaah Howell

Nothing seems to go right for Leanne Summers. First her not mother throws her out of the house and she is left with nothing to her name, then she witnesses a robbery in progress. Hunter Walsh cant seem to leave Leanne after she witnesses them robbing the town bank. So now he must take her with him and drag her into murder, stand offs, and a den of thieves with no morals. Will he be able to save this woman from all who wish them death?

This book is meant for adult readers since there is explicit scenes within the story. It is set in old western were you are more apt to find a corrupt law man then someone to help you. It was well written and keeps you captivated throughout and hoping that the lovers will be together at last. This book was a refreshing story and a captivating read.

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