Monday, April 30, 2012

White Dusk by Susan Edwards

White Dusk

Swift Foot's heart is broken and he feels terribly alone, ever since leaving the woman he loves. Now he has returned to marry Small Bird to hopefully end the war started when his father betrayed his people. Small Bird knows that she is destined to walk beside Swift Foot no matter if he chooses to believe it or not. Although a strange passion burns between them old regrets stand between them that must be laid to rest. All the while the enemy is planning his revenge and plans to use Small Bird as the bait.

This is the second book in the White series and it was full of heart ache. Each character has been through something that has broken their heart and reading what had happened to each was gripping. There are multiple love stories playing through out this book and each one is different from the last. I enjoyed reading this book since it tied in very closely with the previous book, White Dawn, and explained why Swift Foot did what he did.  If you have read the first book in the series I strongly recommend reading this one soon after.


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