Monday, April 16, 2012

The Midwife's Legacy by Rhonda Gibson, Pamela Griffin, Jane Kirkpatrick, Trish Perry

The Midwife's Legacy
Adele Marley has been a midwife her whole life, and after a birth gone wrong she ends up with an adopted daughter. Now Adele is midwife to a woman whose brother she finds her self in love with. When a miss comunication occurs Adele decides to head to Oregon on the wagon train  with her adoptive daughter Polly. After an accident Adele decides to take a chance on love.

Polly Schultz has always been the midwife's assistant so when she embarks on the Oregon train she hopes to prove herself. Along the way she meets Gordon Baker, a minster, and they both are captured by Indians who hope she can help one of thier women. Now that theyre back with the train everyone thinks shes compromised and pressure them to marry. Now Polly must prove that she is capable of being all the womens midwife, and earn back thier respect.

Christina is sure that God has called her to be a midwife. Unfortunatly her beau Noah Cafferty doesnt believe women should work, they should be making a home. Now Christina must show Noah how women should have the right to choose who helps them when thier time comes to deliver. They both must trust God to show them how to work together.

Kendra Silverstone doesnt have much confidence as a midwife, since everyonen belives that doctors should be the only one assisting mothers to be. But when Steven asks her to take on his sister who now refuses the help of a doctor Kendra gets more than she bargains for. Will she be able to weather the comments and turmoil that arise from doctors opions?

This book has four stories in it that follow four different women through their trials as a midwife. Each one has a different problem or trial to go through. It was a very good book and has me wondering about at home births. I have never considered it before but after reading this novel I'm curious as to what it would be like. This book is a Christian novel and I would recomend it to any woman who enjoys a good loving book.

I received a complimentary copy of this book for review from NetGalley.

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