Sunday, February 13, 2011

The Diamond of the Rockies series

This book is christian and uses scripture. Carina DeGratia is from a large Italian family were everyone is close and they all know your secrets. When her heart is broken she moves to the mining town of Crystal Colorado and meets with all sorts of trouble. While finding solitude in the skeletal town of Placerville she stumble upon the mystery of Rose and Wolf, who happen to be her new husbands parents. After forcing him to uncover the truth about his parents they travel north to her home. Her family is less than thrilled about her marrying outside the family and without thier consent. Carina is now forced to face the man who broke her heart while trying to get Quillian accepted by her family.

This series were very good and i have read them a few times. I enjoyed reading some Italian scattered throughout the books. They keep you captivated and wondering what could possibly go wrong next?

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