Tuesday, March 6, 2012

The Moonstone Series by Marilee Brothers

The Moonstone Series
Book One: Moonstone
Allie is a teenage girl who lives with her mother Faye in a small trailer on her step-uncles farm. When she falls off the ladder and lands in the bulls pasture her whole life changes. Turns out she has telekinetic powers and is destined to have the Moonstone. With the help of Kizzy, Junior, and her long lost father Allie starts to uncover hidden secrets. But when the evil Trimarks kidnap her mom Allie is forced to join the age long battle.

Book Two: Moonrise
Allie can no longer tap into her powers. Shes afraid she has lost them forever, and the school counselor wont give her a moments rest. Until Beck, a handsome half-demon, heals her and restores her powers. The Trimarks kidnap her this time and its up to Beck and his twin sister to find her and rescue her from sure torture. After escaping three Trimarks show up at the school and will harm anyone they can to get Allie to hand over the moonstone.

Book Three: Moon Spun
Allie is dealing with Beck going off to college when Junior and a mysterious guy named Ryker shows up. She is also cornered into babysitting Chad, a very strange little boy who insists that he is a faerie. Even more hidden secrets come to light and Allie is forced to go to Boundless and help her fae grandmother defeat the evil faerie who had taken her people. Now Allie has eight years to be in the human world before she must return and take her place in the Seelie Court.

Book Four: Shadow Moon
Allie has a twin sister that was sold to an evil woman shortly after she was born. Kizzy's daughter Carmel is back with a dark fae, who is pretending to be a revivalist, who is speaking against magical beings and practices. After attending a revival for information Allie comes to meet Sammie, a girl who Allie can talk to through their minds. After failing to convince her twin to join them Sammie and Allie are kidnapped and taken to a secret government plant. A mysterious creature, Teagan, that only Allie, her father, and Sammie shows up just in time to save them.

This series was very entertaining and easy to read. The plot was very well thought out with the secrets and twist and turns that I didn't expect. I was glad that I received these books together so that I could continue reading and find out what happens next. I'm sure that there must be another book and I cant wait to read it. Although this book is meant for young readers I'm sure that adults would enjoy them too.

I received a digital copy of this book from NetGalley.


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