Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The Price of Innocence by Susan Sizemore

THE PRICE OF INNOCENCESherrie Hamilton has always loved adventure and travel. It has been nine years since she made a pirates bargain and she can still remember every detail clearly, and his face still haunts her nightmares and dreams. Now in London for her cousins to find rich husbands Sherrie sees the man who completely stole her heart. Jack PenMartyn is haunted by what he forced a beautiful woman to do nine years ago. He lives with regret and self loathing, but when he sees her again, all the passion he thought he had buried comes back to life. While Sherrie and Jack are finding themselves again an evil force is trying to rip them apart.

The Price of Innocence was a  wonderful read. Instead of describing what happened nine years ago in the first part of the book, you read flash backs throughout the novel. It was well written and well worth the read. I was impressed with the secrecy of who the villain was and how everything came together at the end of the novel. This is an adult romance novel so there is some graphic descriptions. It also has some fighting scenes that is somewhat depicted.

I received a complementary digital copy for review from NetGalley.


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