Friday, March 25, 2011

An Unlikely Countess by Jo Beverley

Prudence feels like she is destined for better things when fate finds her in White Rose Yard. She desperately pleads to her brother for help but when her letters go unanswered she feels action is in order. After meeting with the strange Catesby, who leaves her with a silver pin and two sixpence, she remembers him to bolster her courage. After a fateful encounter with Catesby at the alter on her wedding day she becomes the unknowing countess of Malzard. But with a sister-in-law still grieving for her husband and stillborn child, along with the demon mother in law, Prudence's life is far from easy. Will she be able to live down the accusations and live to love her new husband?

This book is mystery and suspense all in one. You follow the life of a young women who sacrificed to help her brother. This book was a nice read and i enjoyed reading about all her misadventures. I would recommend this book to readers who enjoy history romance, and have a love for damsels in distress.


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